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Each tin contains a single reusable straw neatly folded into an aluminium tin so you can pop one or two in your bag or pocket! You never have to use a soggy paper straw ever again.


The highest quality silicone is used to make The Silicone Straw Company straws.

  • Food grade silicone which is FDA approved
  • BPA free ⠀
  • Vegan friendly (no animal derived material in the straws or during manufacture)
  • Child friendly, bend easily and are suprisingly chewable⠀
  • They can be snipped to any length using kitchen scissors so will fit perfectly in any sized cup or glass
  • Easily cleaned with the cleaning brush provided or in the dishwasher⠀


Manufactured in the UK to further reduce their carbon footprint and to ensure product quality.

The Silicone Straw Company - Straw in a Tin

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